Dance with Us

What is Modern Jive?

Modern Jive is an easy-to-learn, partner dance that mixes elements of Swing, Lindy-Hop, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. It can be danced anywhere from clubs to balls, primarily to modern pop music or any song with a 4-beat time signature.

What do we do at the Modern Jive society?

UoB’s Modern Jive Society hosts a partnered lesson every week and teaches different moves each time so there’s no pressure to come to every class. We welcome dancers of all abilities, including those who have never danced before, and there’s no need to bring a partner with you.

Our classes are taught by a professional couple: Matt Evans and Fran Carroll. We divide up into those who want to lead and those who want to follow (there are no gender expectations for these roles) and cycle round the partners for the whole lesson; guaranteeing you’ll meet at least 50% of the other members. Our society is designed around inclusivity and having fun while learning to dance!


Every Monday from 27/09/21 to 13/12/21 our classes will be held in the Carpenter Room (BS8 1LN) from 9pm to 10:15pm. After 10:15pm we will have a freestyle until 11pm where you can practice the moves you’ve learnt to the beat of your favourite songs!

Memberships and Pricing

You can purchase our memberships on our SU webpage.

1 Year Membership - £6

  • purchase lessons individually at a reduced rate of £3
  • discounts on socials
  • you save £5 just in the first term with this membership
  • opportunity to join us at Blackpool, at the Dance Show and to our Chrismas ball.
  • exclusive access to our lesson bundles

4-Lesson Bundle Reduced rate of only £2.50 per lesson! Note this is only available to members (offer will stand for the full year).

10-Lesson Bundle Reduced rate of only £2.10 per lesson! Note this is only available to members. (offer will stand only up to and including 4/10/21).

Bring a Friend for Free Bring a friend along and you’ll get a free lesson on us. This offer will stand for the full year. This is only available to members.

You can purchase lessons individually as a non-member for £4

Please note memberships are costed to be purchased by each individual participant. If you have any questions about membership & pricing contact us via email -


+44 (0) 7746352343


105 Queens Road
Bristol, BS8 1LN
United Kingdom