Our Committee

President: Mauro Camara Escudero (he/him)

Hey Jivers! I’m Mauro and I’m super thrilled to be part of our new committee, which you’ll get to know in the next few days through our social media. I’ve only been jiving since September and during this past year of Modern Jive I have made some incredible friends and learnt so much. I can’t stress enough how lucky we are to have had such an outstanding committee who, together with our teachers Matt and Sarah, did a marvellous job at making classes lively and enjoyable last year. I’m looking forward to dancing and chatting with every single one of you, making sure that the society runs smoothly and, most importantly, ensuring that Thursday nights will be the highlight of your week, as they are mine! Meanwhile, we have a lot of exciting activities planned for this lockdown period, so stay tuned!

Vice-President: Agatha Bouis (she/her)

Hi guys, I’m Agatha and I’ll be your Vice President for the year! Although I’ve only been jiving for two years now, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with the style and the society in general. As a committee, we’ll be working hard to ensure that everything this year runs as smoothly as possible to give you the best possible jiving experience. I’ll always be around for a friendly chat or to answer any specific questions you may have. I’m so excited to be able to see everyone again and hopefully meet new people to dance with. Cheers!

Secretary / Equality & Diversity Officer: Rosalind Tait (she/her)

Hey there, jivers! I am thrilled to have been elected as your Secretary for a second year running. Expect frequent email newsletters and social media alerts from me, keeping you all in the loop regarding our weekly classes and upcoming socials. I am fairly new to modern jive but have been dancing from a very young age, studying ballet and musical theatre. I have been an active member of the society for the past two years, participating in the dance show, attending local freestyles and making the most of the many social opportunities. This society truly is my happy place. It is where I met my boyfriend, made some of my closest friends and grew in confidence as a person and dancer. We are a fun, friendly society, welcoming dancers of all ages and abilities, so please do come along and give modern jive a go. Here’s to sharing the dance floor with you all in September. Until then, as they say on Strictly, KEEEEP DANCING…

Treasurer: Ethan Shaw (he/him)

Hi there! I got into modern jive in my first year at university because a friend of mine didn't want to go to the GIAG event on her own and I had nothing better to do. I'd never tried dancing before but I fell in love almost immediately. I've been here ever since. Come join us!

Freestyle Rep: Jérémy Cochain (he/him)

Hi, I’m Jérémy, your freestyle representative. I moved to Bristol three years ago and discovered the style of modern jive with this society two years back. I have loved it since day one. I attended all lessons with our incredible professional teachers, Matt and Sarah, and participated in the 2020 dance show. Stay tuned for updates on freestyles taking place in the South West area…


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